Policy Statements

AAU is representing millions of population and should be the leader of providing the highest level of health care in urology field and helping urologists in the region to be continuously updated in their knowledge and clinical practice.
Not only must the existing activities be continued with the proper methods but the underlying organization problems must be solved and new innovating activities to be created. Therefore, the need for a comprehensive strategic plan has evolved.


To be a leading Urological Association of the Arab world with an international level.


AAU is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect all Arab national societies toprovide their members a high standard level of education, research and clinical practice.


·    To be a stream for scientific presentation of Arab world
·    To be a channel between east and west
·    Provide a continuous medical education to all urologists allover the Arab countries.
·    To be a platform for training to young urologists
·    Supporting and raising the level of Arab Journal of Urology
·    Supplying the best health care to urology patients in remote areas of the Arab world